Castor's Crew

The Journey So Far

The Company is currently traveling north with a caravan, trying to figure out the intentions of the Cult of the Dragon.
Day 1

  • The party met eldkin, a female dwarf guard.
  • Someone stole Patrin’s battleaxe, he believes it was Sam, a merchant in the cart ahead
  • The party met Rad, a small gnome, who they intimidated into helping them.
    Day 2
  • The Party met Ferdinand, a ‘spice’ merchant.
  • Patrin smoked some weed given to him by by Ferdinand’s, and instantly feel asleep. Ferdinand denied anything wrong with the weed.
    Day 3
  • Varis met a Golden Stag, who told them to “follow the river of gold to the castle in the sky”. He also gave Varis a golden bow
  • Patrin somehow managed to spill some ale all over himself.
    Day 4
  • While camped the party was beset upon by a medusa, who turned Patrin and Kathra into stone. The party recruited the aid of a monk to revert the process.
  • The Caravan has now entered the fields of the dead…



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